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Our story

At Boomers Property Services, our life mission is centered around our faith in Christ and commitment to giving back to the community. With over 20 years of experience in disaster relief volunteer services, including serving as a feeding unit leader, we have gained invaluable insights into structural integrity and best practices in building techniques, especially in Florida, where we often witness the destruction caused by storms and man-made disasters. Additionally, we devote our time to mentoring and uplifting individuals rebuilding their lives after experiencing homelessness through our involvement at the lighthouse in Lakeland.

In line with our commitment to community service, we proudly offer military and first responder discounts, recognizing and honoring those who selflessly serve our nation and local community. We bring our experience, faith, and integrity derived from it to provide impartial and comprehensive home and business inspections, along with other services that deliver value through accurate reporting and real-time project management, holding builders accountable.

Understanding that building terminology and processes can be complex and unfamiliar to most people, we bridge the knowledge gap by lending our 40 years of expertise in building sciences and best practices to you throughout your project. We also extend our commitment to serving clients by including manufactured homes in our range of specialized inspections.

Our mission is to provide buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties with the most accurate and up-to-date information on buildings’ structure and mechanical workings. Leveraging advanced technologies such as thermal imaging, moisture detection, magnetometers, and detailed photography, we ensure that you receive clear and understandable information presented in a format tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

We go beyond the typical inspection by offering ongoing consultation and support, believing that questions should always be free and that you should be empowered with the knowledge you seek. As a third-party certified independent inspector, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and best practices, prioritizing life safety and addressing client requests with utmost dedication.

Boomers Property Services is proud to be a member of “The International Association of CERTIFIED Home Inspectors” (InterNACHI) and maintains accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in good standing. We encourage you to verify our credentials with these reputable organizations, as we value transparency and trust in our professional relationships.

The Passion that
Drives our Founder.

At Boomers Property Services, our commitment to excellence in home inspections is matched only by a deeper passion that drives our founder, Curt. In a unique and heartfelt video, Curt opens up about something that transcends our business and resonates with the very essence of who we are as a company.

This video isn’t about inspections, technology, or even community service. It’s about a personal conviction, a belief that shapes everything we do at Boomers Property Services. Curt’s message is filled with sincerity and profound insight that could inspire you in ways you might not expect.

Are you intrigued to know what Curt has to share? Watch the video and uncover a message that goes beyond business, touching the very heart of what makes Boomers Property Services special.

Military and First Responders save 10%off

We want to give back to those who serve. That’s why we offer discounts to both military members and first responders. If you’d like to learn more—or want to claim your discount—then consider giving us a call.

Our Partnerships

Engaging Communities Through Outreach and Partnership

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